Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making Space

I've been noticing lately how, whenever I make new space, it fills right up. Whether it's in a closet, a bookshelf, or a file cabinet -- that space is back in use in no time flat.

It happens that way all the time at home, and I've seen it on the job as well. When I first started working part-time in a doctor's office, I noticed the bottom shelf of a large filing cabinet sitting empty. The shelf stood ready and waiting and, in seemingly no time, it was filled with new patient files to the point where you could barely squeeze in another one. It was a great thing for the office. Business was booming.

I can say now, from experience, that creating a physical space to support the work you want to do is incredibly motivating, and can help spur you to action. The very act of making the space has made me want to fill it. Since creating my own blog space, the ideas for posts are queuing up in my head... anxious to express... wanting to fill the space with words.

Whether your goal is to work for yourself or for someone else, try it. Clear a space on a desk or on a shelf, fill a binder with paper and dividers, start a blog or create an Excel spreadsheet to hold the fruits of your labor.

We hear, all the time, that it comes down to intention and action. If we add 'making space' to the 'action' end of things, it's a good bet that the space we create to do the work we love will be filled before we know it.

Good work until the next...


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Photo Via Flickr Creative Commons License: 'Emptied' by NancyAZ